Earlier today, I posted about a new simple way to create infographics (see “Easel.ly” Is Clearly The Easiest Tool For Creating Infographics).

Later in the day I read about a new study on the learning impact of using data visualization, including infographics. The BBC reports that:

The results showed that when tasks were presented visually rather than using traditional text-based software applications, individuals used around 20% less cognitive resources. In other words, their brains were working a lot less hard.

As a result, they performed more efficiently, and could remember more of the information when asked later. Working in groups, they used 10% less mental resources.

One more reasons to use infographics in the classroom — ones that have been created by others, created by the teacher, and created by the students themselves.

I’m adding this info to A Collection Of “The Best…” Lists On Infographics.