Regular readers of this blog know that Education Week recently published a eBook collection of posts from here on classroom management and student motivation.  It’s titled Classroom Management Q&As: Expert Strategies for Teaching.

It also includes new material, and you can read an excerpt from the book that appeared in The Washington Post.  Also, Middleweb has recently published a review.

I’ve done versions of Twitter “chats” for some of my previous books on teaching English Language Learners and on student motivation, and am kicking-off a two week chat today for this new book.

The hashtag will be #classmgmtQA.

For two weeks, I’ll tweet two-or-three quotes from the book each day, encourage reactions and respond to feedback.  I’ll also post a collection of all the tweets at my Ed Week Teacher blog at the end of each week (so you’ll be able to read them even if you’re not a Twitter user).  As you can see by looking at the links to my previous book chats, they’ve been lively and a learning experience for everybody — including me!

It begins today, so look for the hashtag #classmgmtQA and/or follow me at @Larryferlazzo.

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