Taking a page from Twitter’s “verified account” tool (but, one can hope, they will better apply), Google just unveiled a “verify” feature.

You can read all about it here.

It’s, at least for now, a bit limited, but I don’t really know how many people or organizations have these “Knowledge Panels”:

Individuals and organizations with Knowledge Panels can use our verification process to claim their panels and provide authoritative feedback on the information and images presented. Now we’re updating that process as well as extending verification eligibility to more entities.

They tout these as the benefits to getting verified:

Once you’re verified, you can suggest factual changes to information in your Knowledge Panel and suggest a featured image.

It took me a few minutes to answer the questions.

In my way of thinking, it seems that the primary benefit might be to make things a bit easier to regain control of your gmail account if it’s hacked, which is the same reason I chose to get verified on Twitter.  But that’s just a gut feeling – neither Google or Twitter say that….