Each week, I publish a post or two containing three or four particularly useful resources on classroom instruction, and you can see them all here.

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Here are this week’s picks:

I’m adding this next tweet to A Beginning Collection Of Resources About Books As “Windows, Mirrors & Sliding Glass Doors” – Please Suggest More:

What do you think of “phonics first” or “phonics only” in the primary grades? is from Timothy Shanahan. I’m adding it to The Best Articles & Sites For Teachers & Students To Learn About Phonics.

HOW PRACTICING SELF-REFLECTION WORKS FOR BOTH TEACHERS AND STUDENTS is from TESL Blog. I’m adding it to The Best Resources On Student & Teacher Reflection.

Lesson Plan: The First Images From the James Webb Space Telescope is from The NY Times Learning Network. I’m adding it to The Best Sites To Learn About The Hubble & Webb Telescopes.

Documentation Panels Are a Novel Way for Students to Demonstrate Their Learning is from Edutopia. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning About Effective Student & Teacher Assessments.