I recently learned about the free Invideo video-creation tool from Russell Stannard (if you teach ELLs, I would recommend you subscribe to his YouTube channel).

It’s a “text-to-video” site, where you can write the script (or even have it write it for you, which you can then edit) and it uses AI to generate a video.

I’ve embedded Russell’s video about it below, where you can read about his ideas about using it in the classroom.

I think it has a lot of potential, though I’m not as enthusiastic about it as Russell is – not because I disagree with its use in the classroom, but because, based on my experimentation, I’m not sure it’s quite ready for prime time.

But it is free, and it’s worth checking out.  And the tech is sure to get better.

Personally, I still think the Simple Show Video Maker is a better bet, and you can read about it at THE “SIMPLE SHOW VIDEO MAKER” CLASSROOM PLAN LOOKS FANTASTIC!