A couple of months ago, I joined TikTok (yes, I know, great timing 🙂 ).

So far, I’ve uploaded about twenty-five very short teaching-related videos.

They’re super-easy to create and share.  They aren’t as slickly produced as most of my thirty YouTube videos on instruction, but some educators might find them helpful.

I plan to upload them to YouTube sometime over the summer, just in case the TikTok ban goes into effect.

The very unexpected benefit to doing these TikTok videos is that, though I’m not sure how many teachers are watching them, lots of my students and students at my school who I don’t know are.

As I’ve mentioned in previous social media posts, they think the videos are great, and it’s not unusual for them to share quotes from the clips. They tell me it’s helped them understand why I do some of the things I do in class.