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Neat Olympics Data Visualization


I don’t think it’s necessarily useful enough to add to my The Best Sites To Teach & Learn About The Olympics list, but a New York Times map of Olympic Medals since the modern Olympics began is a pretty neat looking, and accessible, graphic that students might find interesting.

When you click on a date of the Olympics it shows the place and “bubbles” of various sizes indicating how many medals were won by different countries.

Thanks to the Flowing Data blog for the tip.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Larry,

    That’s really cool! I love this visual data and the top dog who started all this has to be Jonathan Harris. His first project actually was about Words . this is really interesting!!!!

    If impressed, that’s nothing. Check out his other projects – I feel fine and Universe Daily Life…. He’s a genius.

    I just updated our Olympic page ( ) with flash explanations of EACH sport. Really easy to use and nice explanations of these sports. Courtesy of the Olympic Committee. Here’s one – get them all and articles / bios of the top 100 athletes to watch

  2. reported about the ability to watch over 2,200 hours of online video of the upcoming Olympics at Add to this to the resources available to teachers creating units on the event. 🙂 My sons were excited because it may be their only chance to see events such as the shot put and the discus, which are rarely televised.

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