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The Best Sites For Learning About Nuclear Weapons


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President Obama opened a U.S.-hosted summit on nuclear proliferation today, with leaders from 47 nations participating. I thought a “The Best…” list on nuclear weapons, focusing on resources accessible to English Language Learners, would be timely and useful.

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I’m a bit tired this evening after taking my ninth-graders on a field trip to the University of California at Davis today, so I won’t be describing in detail each resource I’m listing. But I think they all are high-quality.

Here are my choices for The Best Sites For Learning About Nuclear Weapons:

MSNBC has an online video about today’s nuclear summit, as does CNN.

The Associated Press has an interactive graphic on the summit.

And MSNBC has a relatively accessible text piece on the meeting.

Nuclear Arms Reduction Infographic

Atom Days has an amazing number of multimedia resources on the history of nuclear weapons.

An infographic showing Nuclear Explosions Since 1945

New Scientist has a map showing countries with nuclear weapons.

The Wall Street Journal has an interactive showing nuclear accidents.

The Nobel Committee has a game on nuclear proliferation.

Radiating Danger: The Spread Of Nuclear Weapons is an interactive from The Washington Post.

Nuclear Armed World is an impressive interactive from CBS News.

Nuclear Proliferation is an interactive from The Guardian.

Global Zero

Here is a new Associated Press interactive on the proposed START Treaty.

Capturing The Atom Bomb On Film is a New York Times slideshow of some pretty spectacular photography from early atom bomb tests. It’s from The New York Times.

“A Timeline Of Nuclear Disarmament” is a slideshow from TIME Magazine.

Dawn Of The Atomic Age is an interactive from The Sentinel.

When We Tested Nuclear Bombs is a series of photos from The Atlantic.

Here is a selection of video clips from the Nevada’s Test Sites historical film archive via The Atlantic:

Nuking My House On Line (You Can, Too) is from NPR, and tells about a site where you can simulate the damage a nuclear bomb would cause anyplace in the world.

America’s nuclear guinea pigs: Astonishing film that shows how Marines were used to test atomic weapons is from The Daily Mail.

Interactive: World nuclear club is from Al Jazeera.

The Associated Press has an interactive on nuclear weapons.

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