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“Newspaper Map” Is Really Neat


Newspaper Map shows you the front pages of newspapers from around the world, displayed on a Google Map. If it just stopped at that, it wouldn’t be much different from the well-known Newseum display of the same thing.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Unlike the Newseum, Newspaper Map lets you click on the front page to gain access to the entire newspaper. And, even better, with one quick click, you can choose the language you want the paper translated into. It’s very simple and easy to access.

I’m adding it to The Best Tools To Help Develop Global Media Literacy.

Thanks to Google Maps Mania for the tip.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Hi, Mr. Ferlazzo.

    My name is Jacey-Blaire Chandler and I’m a student at the University of South Alabama studying to be a special education major. I’m taking Dr. John Strange’s EDM 310 class and I have been assigned to keep up with your blog.

    I have never heard of Newspaper Map or Newseum. However, I am interested by your post. I feel Newspaper Map has endless possibilities of different assignments a teacher can use. For example a research and report assignment or research in one language and report in another (to work on comprehending or speaking a certain language.)
    It’s very neat that newspapers can be easily accessed on the internet. I guess newspaper companies got the idea that search engines are the new paper boys. Newspaper Map seems to benefit more people than just teachers!

    Thanks for the post. I’ll have to use Newspaper Map soon!
    – Jacey-Blaire Chandler

  2. Cool site, I´m a teacher and I´m goning start use it at school today! What are the they saying about America in Saudi newspapers? I nerver knew until now.
    Thank for the Tips

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