Periodically, I will highlight a particularly interesting link that has been on my website for awhile instead of talking about a new one.  Today, I’d like to point out the MacMillan/McGraw Hill California Science site for elementary learners.  I describe it on my website as “Science Words and Concepts in Hmong, English, and other Languages” and it’s roughly in the middle of the Science page on my site.  Unfortunately, the Science page is the only one on my site I haven’t categorized — yet.

The great thing about this site is that it contains summary translations in many languages of the science concepts taught in the textbooks.  It can help English Language Learners tremendously in their understanding of content knowledge and of English (assuming it’s used in the context of a lesson that is being given).

It’s a little tricky to get to the translations from the link on my site (instructions on how to do so are right next to the link).  You first click on the appropriate science book; then click on a chapter in the book, and then click on “Translated Concept Summaries.”