Susan Tsairi has “tagged” me with a meme — a question that’s circulated among bloggers. 

It’s a fairly simple one — list 8 random facts about yourself.   I’ll keep it short, since I think it’s unlikely that many people are really that interested….

* My family has a neurotic Rescue dog named Bella.
*  I was born without a sense of smell.
* My first car was an AMC Gremlin.
* I am a regular, though mediocre, basketball player.
* I went to a college (Goddard) that expelled Steve McQueen for driving his motorcycle in the dorms (that happened well before my arrival).
* Reese’s Peanut Buttercups call out to me every time I see them in a store.
* I won the “Best Hustler” award at the 1970 Milwaukee Bucks summer basketball camp.
* Community organizing was my profession for nineteen years before I became a public school teacher four years ago.

Officially, I’m supposed to “tag” another eight people.  However, I will only pick Christina Niven to get back at her for tagging me awhile back with another meme.