I decided to do some “cleaning” today. Part of that process is sharing a number of links that I’ve been “sitting-on” for awhile. So here’s just a quick list of interesting sites you might want to check-out:

* Greenpeace Weather is an online multi-player game where you are faced with responding to environmental threats.

* Vistazoo is a neat tool that lets you create online tours. It would really be great if you could grab images off the Web, but it only allows you to upload photos from your computers for now.

* You Convert It lets you convert any file format into any other one.

* Scrabulous is the popular Facebook application that’s an online version of Scrabble. You don’t have to a member of Facebook now to play it. However, in terms of classroom use, I’d still rather just have my students play the board game version. One advantage with Scrabulous, though, is that you have the benefit of an online dictionary.

Thanks to Webware for the info.