My Jugaad is a new web tool that allows you to easily make slideshows of webpages and post/share links to them. You’re also able to write descriptive notes about each slide.

I’m always looking for new applications that could provide ways for students to use higher-order thinking and categorization skills, and this could be another one. I especially like that it’s extraordinarily easy to use, and that images from the web can be included without any problem. There are a number of other tools trying to fill the same niche, but many are more complicated to use.

Search Me certainly looks prettier, and has a lot more capabilities. I’ve had a few technical glitches using it, though, so My Jugaad might be a good no-frills alternative, depending on what you want to use it for.

However, there are two other applications that, very shortly,  might eclipse both Search Me and My Jugaad — at least in terms of accessible and effective use with English Language Learners.

Flowgram is planning on opening up to the public no later than September. And Daft Doggy will be unveiling a huge upgrade (and I’ve been given a “sneak-peek) within weeks.