I recently saw this site called JigZone, and began wondering if there was any way it might be useful to English Language Learners. It allows you to upload photos and then turn them into jigsaw puzzles that you and others can then try to put together.

In the classroom I’ve had my students make their own puzzle maps of countries and continents.  I’ve also sometimes had them neatly copy portions of articles or other writings and cut them up, too.  In both cases, then other students have to put them together.  It’s a short fun activity that’s worth doing now and then.

I guess you could do the same online, though I don’t know what the value-added benefit would be over doing it with pen and paper in the classroom.  It might be a nice change-of-pace, or it might be a nice exercise to exchange with a sister class in another country if the puzzle related to the native country of each class.

What do you think?