'Christopher Columbus' photo (c) 2010, Kate Hopkins - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

With Columbus Day AND Indigenous People’s Day coming-up, I thought I’d quickly put together a “The Best…” list of the resources I’ve used to help my English Language Learner students learn about Christopher Columbus AND Indigenous People’s Day

In addition to using the sites listed in this blog post, you might also want to visit my United States History Class blog where I have a series of Columbus activities for my students (that include some of the links listed below).

Here are my picks for The Best Online Resources About Christopher Columbus and Indigenous People’s Day (not in order of preference):

Brainpop Jr. has a very accessible animated film on Columbus Day. Unfortunately, you have to subscribe in order to view it.

The History Channel has a series of video excerpts from its programs on Columbus, including historical re-creations. Click on the thumbnail images on the right. 10 Things You May Not Know About Christopher Columbus is also from The History Channel.

Here’s an activity designed by Renee Maufroid for ELL’s about Columbus.

Here’s another online exercise for ELL’s — it’s a simple cloze (gap-fill).

Test your knowledge about Columbus in this game.

ESL Holiday Lessons has a Columbus Day Lesson.

Take a Christopher Columbus quiz.

There is a new Brainpop movie on Columbus. Brainpop is available by subscription only (and it’s worth the price), but you can also get a free trial.

Here are some resources I’ve used to raise questions about the typical portrayal of Columbus and provoke critical thinking and discussion:

The Wikipedia entry on Columbus Day shares different perspectives in the section Opposition To Columbus Day.

EL Civics’ Columbus Day Lesson is a good one. Not only is it accessible to English Language Learners, it at least touches upon his negative impact on Native Americans.

It’s Columbus Day…Time to Break the Silence is by Bill Bigelow at Rethinking Schools.

How Columbus Day Fell Victim to Its Own Success is from The Atlantic.

Here’s a great critical infographic on him from The Oatmeal.

Columbus Activities from The Zinn Education Project.

The New York Times Learning Network has a number of Columbus lessons.

Christopher Columbus: 3 things you think he did that he didn’t is from Valerie Strauss at The Washington Post.

How the Media Would Have Covered Columbus’s Discovery of the New World is from New York Magazine.

How We Discovered That Christopher Columbus Didn’t Get to America First is from The Pacific Standard.


Columbus Day: ‘How is this still a thing?’ is from The Washington Post.

Why canceling school for Columbus Day is a terrible idea is also from Vox.

Why you should celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving instead of Columbus Day is from Vox.

Here’s a TED-Ed video. You can find the entire lesson here

Seattle Swaps Columbus Day For ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’ is from NPR.

Columbus Day and the Native American School-Achievement Gap is from The Atlantic.

Reconsider Columbus Day is from Teaching Tolerance.

Time to Abolish Columbus Day is from The Zinn Education Project.

Saint Paul’s First Indigenous Peoples’ Day Recognized at SPPS

Forget Columbus Day. What if we celebrated Indigenous Peoples’ Day? is from Fusion.

In Defense of Columbus Day
is from Latino Rebels.

Rethinking History Class on Columbus Day is from The Atlantic.

Columbus Day: Some Love It, Others Not So Much is from Voice of America – Learning English.

Inside the growing movement to ditch Columbus Day and celebrate Native Americans instead is from Vox.

More Schools Replace Columbus Day With Indigenous Peoples Day is from Ed Week.

Here’s What My ELL Students Are Reading & Writing About Columbus

The History Behind the Movement to Replace Columbus Day With Indigenous Peoples’ Day is from TIME.

The Columbus Day Problem is from Usable Knowledge at Harvard.

Un-Columbus Day is from The Teaching Channel.

Why Italian-Americans Still Fiercely Defend Columbus Day is from the NY Times.

Should Columbus Day Be Replaced With Indigenous Peoples Day? is from The NY Times Learning Network.

Indigenous Peoples Day or Columbus Day? 14 states celebrate, honor Native American histories and cultures is from USA Today.

Vermont Likely to Become Third State to Officially Scrap Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples’ Day is from slate.

Native American museum director: Columbus was far from the first to discover America is from USA Today.

Murder, rape, slavery and genocide. Here’s why California must ditch Columbus Day is from The Sacramento Bee.

Columbus Day Or Indigenous Peoples’ Day? is from NPR.

Illuminative is a new resource site created by Native American youth.

Indigenous peoples echo Black Lives Matter’s call for justice is from PBS NewsHour.

In Pictures: Indigenous people protest on Columbus Day is from Al Jazeera.

As Indigenous Peoples Day Becomes More Widely Celebrated, Christopher Columbus Statues Become Lightning Rods is from TIME.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Rethinking How We Celebrate American History is from Smithsonian Magazine.


11 Native American Historymakers to Know is from TIME.