This fall, the California Department of Education is going to be publishing a new book that looks like it may be useful to ESL/EFL teachers

Here’s their announcement:

Improving Education for English Learners:  Research-Based Approaches

CDE Press is pleased to announce the upcoming release of  this publication in fall 2009 (pending final CDE approval).

It summarizes the latest research on instruction for English learners. Contributors are experts with much experience in teaching English learners at the elementary and secondary levels.

Chapters include:

Schooling English Learners: Contexts and Challenges  by Veronica Aguila

Research to Guide English Language Development Instruction by William Saunders and Claude Goldenberg

English Language Development: Issues and Implementation at Grades K-5 by Marguerite Ann Snow and Anne Katz

English Language Development: Issues and Implementation at Grades 6-12 by Susana Dutro and Kate Kinsella

Effective Literacy Instruction for English Learners by Diane August and Timothy Shanahan

Programs and Practices for Effective Sheltered Content Instruction  by Jana Echevarria and Deborah Short

Dual-Language Programs for English Learners by Kathryn Lindholm-Leary and Fred Genesee

A Contemporary View of the Design and Delivery of English-Medium Programs for English Learners by David Dolson and Lauri Burnham-Massey

You can go to the CDE Press website for more information.