Here are the newest additions to The Best Places To Read & Write “Choose Your Own Adventure” Stories:

In The Jamestown Online Adventure, you play the role of an early settler in…Jamestown.

Muck and Brass is a game from the BBC that puts you in the role of a city leader during the Industrial Revolution. You have to make decisions on how to respond to various problems that resulted from industrialization.  The English is much more complex, if not arcane, than it has to be, but Intermediate English Language Learners should be able to understand it.

A company called Zap Dramatic creates many excellent “online negotiation games” and “interactive dramas” that use the “choose your own adventure” technique.  The games are generally designed to teach negotiation skills. Their games, though, are probably only appropriate for high school students and above. They include:

Move or Die

Ambition 1
Ambition 2
Ambition 3
Ambition 4
Ambition 5
Ambition 6
Ambition 7
Ambition 8
Ambition 10