The great news about Myna, a new audio recording tool, is that it’s great for students to use for speaking practice and to create podcasts. The bad news (for me, at least), is that I’ve already prepared several year-end “The Best..” lists for posting over the next month that I know have to change in order to add Myna to them…

It’s really quite a simple tool for use by English Language Learners or anybody else…after you watch the short demonstration video. It was confusing to me prior to watching it.

It’s easy for users to add music that’s already in the Myna library to their recording, and certainly easy for them to record their own voice.

It’s more complicated than some of the other applications on The Best Sites To Practice Speaking English, but students will love Myna (and I’m obviously adding it to that list).

Thanks to both Read Write Web and Free Technology For Teachers for the tip.