The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher comes out every year, and they just released the first of three parts. It’s called “Effective Teaching and Leadership.”

I wasn’t surprised by most of the information in the report (which apparently includes survey results from both teachers, administrators and students). However, I was shocked, saddened and disappointed by what was written in its last line:

Only half of students (53%) strongly agree that all of the teachers in their school want them to succeed, with fewer secondary school students than elementary school students holding this view (44% vs. 66%).

I don’t know about you, but I find this just so, so sad. I’m sure a far greater percentage of teachers truly want students to succeed. However, it’s obvious that this message is not getting through. And it’s not the students’ fault that they’re not hearing it, it’s our fault for not communicating that concern through our words and actions.

What would students at your school say?