My “job” this summer is writing my third book.

It doesn’t have a title yet, but here is how I’m describing it:

It’s focused on instructional and classroom management strategies geared towards developing student autonomy and personal responsibility (as opposed to student obedience or student rebellion); and on professional development strategies focused on a consistent ethic of improving one’s craft and maintaining one’s sanity.

It will also relate to all types of students and teachers — and all grade levels — and will not be limited to English Language Learners.

It will share a variety of strategies to deal with what seems to me to be fifty common challenges facing teachers in the classroom. Assuming I meet the manuscript deadline 🙂 , Eye On Education will publish it in mid-2011.

I’ve found that when I’m writing a book, I look for any opportunity to procrastinate. So, in an effort to combat that tendency, I’ve dramatically reduced the number of blogs in my RSS Reader, and anticipate not writing as much here over the next two months (though I’m sure there will be at least daily posts).

I also anticipate inviting blog readers to contribute to the book, as I began doing earlier this year (Let’s Write A Book Together!).

Wish me luck!  I’ll need it to get this thing done by the time school begins again….