Yesterday, I posted how I am planning to use the creative YouTube video that explains Bloom’s Taxonomy by using clips from Pirates of the Caribbean.

One of the ways is going to have book discussion groups identify examples of how characters in the books they are reading are using the different Bloom’s levels. I’d show them the video clip as an example.

In addition, I’d like to first work with the entire class on doing the same thing with a short story. I’ve certainly learned that modeling is a critical element of any successful lesson.

However, off the top of my head I’m having a hard time coming up with short story examples — either ones that are accessible to English Language Learners or ones for mainstream adolescents — that might work for this kind of analysis. I think it’s relatively easy to identify characters in many popular movies and books that demonstrate the Bloom’s levels, and I’m assuming there are plenty of stories out there that do the same, but I’m drawing a blank. I just haven’t taught that much short fiction.

Can you help me out with some suggestions?