The upcoming demise of Google Reader has left me with a decision to make — What do I do about the untold zillions of backlogged posts I’ve “starred” and saved? Do I just export them to another RSS Reader, or should I take this opportunity go through them?

I’ve chosen the latter option.

So between now and the summer shutdown of Google Reader, I’ll be doing one of three things:

1) “Unstarring” the ones that I think are of no interest to me or to anyone else, and letting them drift into the oblivion of the RSS netherworld.

2) Since it’s so easy to share content to Google Plus with Google Reader (an aspect I wonder if Google gave as much consideration to in their decision — I suspect there may very well be less content shared in Google Plus with Reader’s demise), I’ll be sharing posts there that are useful, but probably not useful to me enough to add to some “The Best…” list. So expect a blizzard of Google Plus posts from me over the coming months (you can follow me on Google Plus here).

3) I’ll be sharing the “cream of the crop” on Twitter (so expect even more tweets from me than usual over the next few months), and create a series of collections of those tweets on Storify. Eventually, I’ll post about them on the blog and add them to various “The Best…” lists, but who knows when that day will come. In the meantime, if you want, you can subscribe to my Storify posts here. I may also post them on this blog.

At least, this is my intention. Let’s see how well I do in my follow-through….