I’ve been a fan of Crocodoc and Txt Bear for quite awhile — students can create a document in Word, which they are very familiar with, and easily upload it to one of those two sites. They, in turn,immediately turn it into a webpage. Students can then copy and paste it in a class blog.

Crocodoc has just been bought, though, and they seem to be making changes. They’ve kept the feature of uploading a document and turning it into a webpage, but they’ve changed its url address. You can now find it at Crocodoc Personal.

They’re both at my post, A Few Simple Ways To Introduce Reluctant Colleagues To Technology.

Another nice feature of Crocodoc is that you can leave comments and annotate documents that you have uploaded. That ability creates the option of having students annotate primary source documents, similar to what the Smithsonian does in their “Document Deep Dives.” Those could be shown to students as good models.