I came home from school today and happened to see in the paper a plug for a one-hour show this evening airing on all the major TV networks about an education initiative called Think it Up.

I like to think that I’m pretty aware of what’s going on in the ed world, but I had never heard of the group.

It’s apparently an initiative of the entertainment industry, along with Donors Choose. My sense in looking over its site is that its purpose is to promote support for projects that are developed by teachers and students together, while Donors Choose typically is focused on projects created by teachers based on their own analysis of their class’ needs.

Here’s what the Think It Up site says:


There sure has been an uptick in private financial support for classroom-based projects. Just over the past few weeks I’ve posted:

Raise Money For Your Classroom From “Fuel Your School”

Gates Foundation Will Match Contributions That You Receive Today For Your Donors Choose Project

This kind of support is nice, but it sure would be a lot better if our schools just received an adequate amount of public financial support to begin with…

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