Two years ago I began this regular feature where I share a few posts and resources from around the Web related to ESL/EFL or to language in general that have caught my attention.

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Here are this week’s choices:

I’ve posted a lot about StoryCorps resources. I just now learned that, in addition to the wonderful short audio stories they provide on their site and on radio, each one now has an audio transcript that can be viewed on line or printed-out. Just click on the audio story you want and when it brings you to its own webpage, you’ll then see the option “Read The Transcript.” I’m adding it to The Best Listening Sites For English Language Learners.

Error Correction is from the British Council. I’m adding it to The Best Resources On ESL/EFL/ELL Error Correction.

Fleex now lets you learn English by streaming Netflix shows is from TechCrunch.

Schools that teach in two languages foster integration — so how come so many families can’t find programs? is from The Hechinger Report.