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Last week, I shared the questions I was putting into a Google Form for my IB Theory of Knowledge students to answer in their anonymous evaluation of our class’ distance learning time (see Here Are The Questions I’m Having Students Answer In My End-Of-Distance-Learning Evaluation).

Here are the ones I’m asking my ELL Newcomer students – again, in a Google Form:

How hard did you work to learn English these past 7 weeks? Not Very Hard, Some, Very Hard

How much English did you learn over the past seven weeks? None, A Little, Some, A Lot

Rank The Activities We Did During Class (Blog readers might want to see VIDEO: HERE’S AN EXAMPLE OF MY DAILY ONLINE LESSON FOR ELL NEWCOMERS): Opening Question/Answer, Short Lesson, Picture Words, Game, Individual Meetings

How much do you think Mr. Ferlazzo cared about you? A little, Some, A Lot

Rank the Homework: Quizizz Games, EdPuzzle Videos with Questions, Wizer Worksheets

Rank the 15 Minutes Homework (Note to blog readers: I asked students to spend fifteen minutes each day on one of these sites): English Central, Raz-Kids, Brainpop

What Grade Would You Give Mr. Ferlazzo As a Teacher? A, B, C, D, F

If Mr. Ferlazzo sets up work for you to do over the next two months, how likely is it that you will study English over the summer (you would receive extra credit for next year’s class)? Not likely at all, Maybe, I will definitely study English over the summer


Let me know what you think I should add or change!

You can read more about my classes at Four questions – and answers – about teaching English online.

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