In the face of today’s Trump administration insanity (see THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION LOST ITS MIND TODAY ABOUT REOPENING SCHOOLS ), our California Teachers Association did what they had to do, and what every teachers union in the United States should do – take Donald Trump head on.

You can read the letter it sent to the Governor and other state officials here.

The letter goes on to say:

From a public health perspective, the best course of action would be to focus on improving our ability to provide robust, quality distance learning until the virus is marginalized and safety measures are addressed.

Teachers at this point can’t have any confidence their safety, or the safety of students and their families, are going to be taken seriously.

Ironically, Trump’s actions will now likely result in fewer in-person school reopenings than would have been happening before his meltdown – guidance from the CDC has been politicized, and it now appears he will try to put onerous conditions on money desperately needed by schools to reopen.

We teachers now legitimately should view ourselves as a line of defense for our students and their families because, obviously, the Trump administration is willing to ignore their welfare in pursuit of reelection.