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Here’s the latest news on our books:

My next book (which Katie Hull Sypnieski was kind enough to edit), The Student Motivation Handbook: Fifty Ways to Boost an Intrinsic Desire to Learn, is on-track to be released in March.

I just finished working with the copy-editor to get it through that step in the publishing process.

Depending on its public reception, it might or might not be the first in a series.

Katie and I are also working on the second edition of shockingly popular The ELL Teacher’s Toolbox.  We’ll be revising all forty-five strategies in the book now, and we’ll be adding at least sixteen more.  However, it won’t be out for two years.

After that book is done, Katie and I will be working on one to assist all teachers improve their craft.

Of course, we also relatively recently released the second edition of The ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide, which was like writing a whole new book.

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