Two years ago, I posted New Study Finds That The Presence Of Immigrant Students In Schools Helps Everybody, But Totally Misses Obvious Reason.

It was about an important study that found a correlation between the presence of immigrant students and increased academic achievement among U.S.-born students.  The study, however, didn’t really point to realistic reason for this kind of impact.

What those researchers, who I’m sure are very smart, missed by what I can only assume to be by making the mistake of not actually talking to teachers in the classroom, was that, as I said in my previous post:

Having ELLs in classes makes all of us better teachers because good ELL teaching is good teaching for everybody!

I’m revisiting this study today for two reasons:

One, Education Week just published a good article about it: Do Immigrant Students Help the Academic Outcomes of U.S.-Born Peers? One Study Says Yes and, two, I had to make a presentation at our staff meeting today and mentioned the study.

I can assure that just about everyone who teaches at our school understands the primary reason behind that study’s results, as does just about everyone who has taught ELLs, which is about half of all U.S. teachers.

Please, ed researchers, talk to teachers in the classroom…..