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The Best Sites To Learn About San Francisco

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I’m taking one hundred students to San Francisco next week on one of our annual insane field trips.  We’ll be visiting the Museum of The African Diaspora, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, Chinatown, and a variety of other places (I’ll be posting photos on my website).

In preparation for the trip, I thought I’d put together a collection of links for them to review on Tuesday.

You can also find more links on my Geography page.

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Here are my choices for The Best Sites To Learn About San Francisco (and are accessible to English Language Learners) They are not in order of preference:

Learn about the Golden Gate Bridge with this lesson from the California Distance Learning Project. It’s designed for ELL’s, and includes follow-up activities.

A “talking story” for ELL’s will tell you more about the famous bridge.

Learn more about San Francisco through this listening exercise which includes an audio slideshow.

The great site Soundguideweb has a good video on San Francisco with online activities for English Language Learners. It doesn’t appear to be viewable with Internet Explorer, though, so be sure to use the Firefox browser.

EL Civics offers a San Francisco Photo Tour for English Language Learners.

Lingual Net has a good online video tour of San Francisco, including comprehension activities, that is also designed for ELL’s. There’s a Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

Walk This Way is a virtual journey into San Francisco’s Chinatown.

The San Francisco Chronicle has a page of photos and videos documenting Chinatown’s celebration of the Chinese New Year.

The same page has a series of Chinatown images.

A group of young people have put together A Kids Eye View of Chinatown.

Here’s a slideshow of San Francisco images.

Here’s another animation about the bridge’s construction.

You can’t talk about San Francisco without learning about the 1906 earthquake.

Here’s an interactive feature about preparing for an earthquakei n San Francisco.

Here’s a travel video giving an overview of San Francisco.

Open Road TV has a number of excellent San Francisco videos, including ones on Fisherman’s Wharf, a San Francisco Walking Tour, and Market Street.

You can talk a 3D Tour of San Francisco with Everyscape.

Here’s a simple slideshow of the city.

See panoramic images of San Francisco at 360 Cities.

Here are some more online videos of San Francisco – this time from GeoBeats.

A Weekend In San Francisco’s Mission District is a slideshow from The New York Times.

Lost Landscapes of San Francisco is a series of restored film clips of San Francisco — some from more than 100 years ago.

The Transamerica Pyramid Building is the iconic skyscraper in San Francisco. The Sacramento Bee has published a slideshow and chart on it.

The Sacramento Bee has a San Francisco Walking Tour slideshow.

The Associated Press has a nice interactive on the 1906 Earthquake.

The San Francisco Chronicle has published newly discovered color photos documenting the destruction of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. These are not manually tinted ones — they are one of the earliest actual color photographs. You can see s slideshow of the photos here, and read an article about them here.

When the Golden Gate Bridge Opened, 74 Years Ago is a video and slideshow from The Atlantic.

San Francisco’s Coit Tower murals is a photo gallery from The Los Angeles Times.

Twenty-five free attractions in San Francisco is from the BBC

Old S.F. shows old photos from San Francisco.

Time Shutter does the same for San Francisco.

San Francisco’s Famed Coit Tower Murals in Peril Due to Fog, Neglect is a video and slideshow from the PBS News Hour. For the Depression-era Murals of Coit Tower, Great Recession-era Neglect is also from the News Hour.

A Replacement Bridge Rises on the Bay is an interactive from the New York Times.

For 1906 earthquake survivors, a day to remember is a slideshow from The San Francisco Chronicle.

Feel free to offer feedback and additional suggestions.

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I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

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