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This Is What Students Learn When We Use Punishment As Our Classroom Management Strategy


When we use punishment as a key part of our classroom management strategy, read today’s Zits comic strip to see the primary lesson it teaches our students.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Interesting discussion on crime and (inappropriate) punishment happening @ Teacher in a Strange Land:

    Surprising to me: that there are still people who believe that the threat of being hurt is an effective deterrent.

    Wish I’d seen the cartoon before I posted…

  2. My name is Christie Odom and I am from Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class at South Alabama. I completely agree. I believe a lot (not all) children think this same way. I believe that some forms of punishments are not the way to get children to act a certain way. Instead, I think we should all focus a little more on positive encouragement and reinforcement. Although it may not always work, constantly punishing children is not going to help us with our classroom management. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. So often, it’s the same kids semester after semester and year after year causing classroom disruptions. Typically, these kids get dealt with the same way every time. Sarcastic remarks. Maybe some yelling. Borderline name-calling. And then, we’re shocked when they do it again. If repeat offenders teach us anything, it’s that screaming and hollering, being the tough guy, hasn’t worked on these kids or they wouldn’t be exhibiting the same behaviors over and over. I hate when teachers say, “That’s how you have to deal with these guys.” It’s not true. And, it’s ESPECIALLY not true for these kids. Otherwise it would have worked somewhere along the way. Building the genuine, authentic relationship is your best shot.

    Chris Bowen
    Author of “Our Kids: Building Relationships in the Classroom”

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