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The Sacramento City Unified School District, where I teach, is in the midst of a financial meltdown and very possibly might be taken over by the state within months.

I’ve been sharing info on this situation recently, and thought that readers might find this “Best” list useful – if it happens, it will certainly receive statewide, and possibly national,attention. I’m sure there are lessons in this mess for others.

I’ll be adding to this list as there are new developments, including sharing my own perspectives (of course, as regular readers know, I have been a longtime member of our teachers’ union, so that should give you a sense of where I’m coming from):

Your primer to the Sac City Unified budget crisis – how did we get to now? is from The Sacramento Bee.

Sacramento City Unified outlines cuts – but district scrambling to fix budget crisis is from The Sacramento Bee.


Sacramento City schools ‘running out of cash and … running out of time,’ board is warned is from The Sacramento Bee.

Assemblyman asks state for ‘deep dive’ audit of Sacramento City school district is from The Sacramento Bee.

Sacramento City teachers union to hold vote by members to authorize potential strike is from The Sacramento Bee.

Here are two more Sacramento Bee stories : Judge sends Sacramento City district back to arbitration table with teachers union and Sacramento City teachers ask state schools chief to investigate district, superintendent.

Sac City Unified schools downgraded to near rock-bottom bond ratings amid budget crisis is from The Sacramento Bee.

Teachers union votes to authorize strike against Sacramento City Unified is from The Sacramento Bee.

Teachers union at Sacramento City Unified announces one-day strike for April 11 is from The Sacramento Bee.

Sac City Unified strike is set. How will it affect students, teachers and the district? is from The Sacramento Bee.

Sports, gifted programs could face cuts in Sac City Unified budget crisis, board told is from The Sacramento Bee.

Is Sacramento the Next Big Fight in #RedForEd Wave? is from The California Educator.

How Sacramento City schools can pay $500 for substitutes if teachers go on strike is from ABC 10.


A day after strike, Sacramento City Unified teachers union offers to meet with district is from The Sacramento Bee.

Administration, not teachers, deserves blame for school budget crisis appeared in the Sacramento Bee.

Teachers announce second strike at Sacramento City Unified School District and Ruling favors teachers union in salary dispute with Sacramento City Unified are from the Sacramento Bee.

Want to avoid a state takeover of Sac City Unified? Make these smart cuts appeared in The Sacramento Bee.

Sacramento teachers union asks state schools chief to help prevent strike, district takeover was in The Sacramento Bee.

Sacramento City Unified to lay off more than 170 staff members amid budget crisis was in the Sacramento Bee.

Sacramento schools narrow their budget gap – but will their plan hold off a state takeover? is from The Sacramento Bee.