As readers know, I also write a monthly post for the Learning With Computers blog.  This month, the topic is “Using Computers To Teach Reading.”  I’m cross-posting here.

I wanted to share a few of the favorite sites I use to help my English Language Learner students develop their reading skills.

They are basically divided into two categories — sites that explicitly teach reading strategies and test comprehension, and sites that offer fiction or non-fiction stories that have text with audio and visual support.

For the former, my favorites include:

* Reading Ring, an activity on the excellent Professor Garfield site.  In this game, players have to correctly unscramble a comic strip and then answer questions about it.

* Into The Book is a work-in-progress that will eventually have interactive exercises helping students learn multiple reading strategies.  Right now only the one of “visualizing” is complete.  It’s extraordinarily well-done.

* There are two sites that have multiple activities to help teach reading strategies.  I have links to many of these specific activities, and the ones I mentioned earlier, under the English For Beginners — Reading section of my website.  However, it’s worth checking-out the two sites that host them all, too.  They are Study Zone Test Prep Center of New York and the United Kingdom’s Embedded Learning Portal.

I have links to thousands of online stories that offer text with audio and visual support on the English For Beginners- Stories  and English For Beginners Non-Fiction sections of my website.  My favorite, though, is:

* Woodlands Junior School in the United Kingdom.  They have many of the same stories I have on my pages.  However, there’s is much better-designed and attractive.  You can find that link on my English Themes For Beginners page under Favorite Sites.

Finally, I’d encourage people to read here about my school’s use of computers to teach reading to English Language Learners, which was awarded the 2007 International Reading Association Grand Prize Presidential Award for Reading and Technology.