I have to say that I’m generally not impressed with the Google For Educators Discussion Group.  Of course, I haven’t participated in it much, either.

However, now and then I’ll learn something worthwhile.  Today I found a gem.

It’s a new amazing web application with a  terrible name — Daft Doggy.

This application allows you, or your students (including Beginning English Language Learners and above) to easily create a tour of websites.  On this tour you can also leave notes that appear on the screen with instructions or comments.  Each trail then has its own url.  The message in the discussion group explains it better and has a link to an example.

My students could also easily use it to create a tour of their favorite links on my website.

I know that there have recently been similar web applications unveiled, and they look flashier.  However, for ease of use and accessibility to English Language Learners (and other students, not to mention teachers),  Daft Doggy is far above the rest.

It’ll definitely make my Top Ten List for this month.

I’ve placed the link on my Examples of Student page under Student Webquests.

I let the creator of the site know I was going to post about it, and here’s his response:

But what will make it *really* useful is after you’ve initially recorded a session. The, go back and edit it.  When you put something in the description, on playback this will appear as a lightblue box at the bottom of the page. If you have filled in the comments section then, when somebody puts the mouse over the blue box, then the comments will appear as a translucent screen over the page you’re showing. So you can tell people why you want them to see this page. Agree or disgree with what it’s showing etc. This week I’ll be putting up an FAQ for the site, plus forums.

Any suggestments and comments are really appreciated.  I want this site to be a  useful resource for teachers and students.

Joe Thompson