I recently learned about an interesting browser called Browzmi.  I probably wouldn’t use it with English Language Learners, but I might with my “mainstream” students.

It doesn’t require a download, and it allows you to browse through websites, leave comments,  and see what other people in your Bowzmi “network” are looking at, too.  You can also chat in real time with them.

I’ve posted in the blog In Practice sharing some examples of how I use technology with my ninth grade English class. I could see how Browzmi could be a useful tool for small groups working together on a research project, particularly since I don’t believe that Google Docs has yet incorporated a chat system (though they do in Google Presentations).   It would work well with my particular situation, where I have my students doing my class projects in a computer applications class when others are doing different class work.  This ability to chat online would make it less disruptive for other students.

Browzmi is still private, and you need an invitation.  They sent me one, though, within minutes of my request for one, so I’m assuming others would receive the same fast turn-around time.