I’ve been posting quite a bit lately about slideshows and other online resources available at the websites of traditional news organizations.  Many of these resources are accessible to English Language Learners. 

I have just three more to share (for now, at least!).

One is USA Today’s Destinations Photo Gallery.  It has a bunch of slideshows that are great for a Geography class.

The other is the International Herald Tribune.   They, too, have a lot of slideshows, but they don’t have a main page devoted to them.  All you have to do, though, is type “slideshows” in the Search box and you’ll get a listing of them.

By the way, the Tribune also has a great service of providing audio support to all of its articles.

National Public Radio also has quite a few excellent slideshows.  However, they, like the Herald Tribune, don’t have a special page for them.  There, too, you have to search for “Slideshows.”

All these online news resource can be found on my Teacher’s Page.