I haven’t found many textbooks I like.  However, quite a few textbook publishers have some pretty good online resources that are accessible to English Language Learners and are freely available on the Internet. 

Links to many of them have been on my website for quite awhile.  Some new ones, though, have recently been produced.  I’ve placed them on the appropriate pages on my site, and thought I’d list the new links here.  If you can’t find where I put them on my webpages, just drop me an email and I’ll let you know.

For Math, I’ve added three new links to Harcourt.  They include two Glossaries of math-related terms and include audio, text, and visuals.  The third link is a good math game called That’s A Fact and includes audio support for the text.

McGraw Hill has a nice audio glossary for United States History terms.

McGraw Hill also has a great new set of resources for Science that’s definitely worth checking-out.  They also have a nice series of sample resources for their new Treasure textbook.

They have also clearly put a lot of time and resources into the online exercises to support their new series of textbooks for English Language Learners called Treasure Chest.  It doesn’t seem to me to be particularly well-designed or helpful, though.  I’m open to hearing other people’s opinions.

Again, I guess I’m feeling too lazy today to list the locations on my website for all these links.  Sorry.  But they’re in fairly obvious locations.