Play The News is a new, and continually updated, series of role-playing games about current events. Each game highlights a different news event — the Olympics, elections, etc. A short accessible video is shown with background information. Players then decide, of the different key roles involved in the event, which one do they want to be. After you pick it, you choose from various options about which action you think should be taken. You then see how many other players chose that and the other options.

Then you choose which action you think will actually take place, and see the overall results there, too.

In order to play, you have to register (for free), and an overall leaderboard keeps track of what percentage of the time your predictions were correct.

It’s intriguing. I might have my Intermediate English students try it out as a way for them to become familiar with current news. They could also use the game as a model to create their own version with pen-and-paper.

When I have a moment I’ll be placing the link under News on my website.