My “The Best…” lists continue to be — by far — the most popular posts I write. I also believe they are the most useful — both to me, to my students, and to readers of this blog. There are one-hundred-and-seven (107) of them and growing.

I’ll be continuing to write new ones, though perhaps not at the pace in which I’ve been doing them over the past ten months. Instead, two or so new lists each month are probably what readers can expect. Feel free to offer suggestions for topics.

I will also continue to keep updating all of them, and announce in posts when I do so.

Next year I’ll probably revise many of the lists I’ve made over the past year.  Now, when I update the lists with new sites, I just add them at the end of the post and don’t integrate new tools into my rankings.  By next summer there will have been enough new additions to warrant entirely new lists.

I’ll be putting more energy into developing student self-access versions of each list on my website, and you’ll find these on The Best Websites page of the site. I’ve only converted fourteen of them, so have got a long ways to go. My students have found these versions very helpful.

In addition, I’ll be developing a page on this blog which has links to the lists divided by topic (Web 2.0, Social Studies, etc.). Right now I just have them listed chronologically.

I can make no promises, however, about how quickly all of this will happen.

Again, suggestions are always welcome.