David Deubelbeiss just sent out an October newsletter for EFL Classroom 2.0. One of the things he announced was a page called “What’s New.” It’s a compendium of RSS feeds from various sources using the search terms “teaching EFL” from something called Addict-o-Matic.

It seemed neat, and appeared to be similar to something you can do with Pageflakes. Carla Arena has put together a great PageFlakes page aggregating the recent blog posts from over twenty ESL/EFL teachers from around the world.

I just added “ESL” to David’s search phrase and it resulted in a pretty interesting ongoing page called “What’s New In Teaching EFL & ESL.” It looks very similar to David’s but does have a few slightly different results.

I’ve added the link on my Blogroll, and it might be worth a look now and then.