Materials about the famous 1914 Christmas Day Truce during World War I seemed to be worth adding to The Best Places To Learn About Christmas, Hanukkah, & Kwanzaa. Here are some:

Social Studies For Kids has a very accessible and short description of the truce.

There are some excellent “music videos” on YouTube showing images with the soundtrack from two good songs about the Truce. Since so many districts block YouTube, you can download them into your laptop and use a converter so it’s viewable at school, or upload it into an Internet service like EdublogsTV.

One video features the song “Bellau Wood” and is sung by Garth Brooks. Here are the lyrics. The language is fairly accessible to English Language Learners. Here’s another video using images from the truce with the same song.

This video has good images and uses a different song called “Christmas In The Trenches.” It’s sung by John McCutcheon, and you can find the lyrics here. The language is a little difficult and “old-fashioned” since it’s taken from a letter written by a soldier who participated in the Truce.