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Thanks to Joyce Valenzuala, I just learned this is National Library Week.

Libraries, both in schools and in neighborhoods, are important institutions for English Language Learners to learn about.  I work both with our school librarian and with city library staff to organize regular orientations and visits for our students, and our school librarian is great about making sure there are accessible and engaging books for all levels of ELL’s available to read and to check-out.

I thought I’d create a short “The Best…” list sharing some of the websites our students also visit to become familiar with libraries.  All these sites can also be accessed under the Government section on my website.

You might also be interested in my article “School Librarians and English Language Learners.”

Here are my picks for The Best Sites To Teach ELL’s About Libraries (and are accessible to English Language Learners):

ESL Civics has a very good ESL Library Lesson.

Listen A Minute, one of several great websites for English Language Learners maintained by Sean Banville, has an extensive feature on libraries. It includes listening, reading, quizzes, and hand-outs.

Photo Essay: Amazing Libraries Around the World is a great slideshow.

Here are some simple resources from Enchanted Learning.

Here’s a slideshow of libraries from NPR.

Everything you need to know about librarians is from Vox.

‘Improbable Libraries’ Beautifully Depicts The Fun Side Of Libraries is from The Huffington Post.

Getting ELL Students College-Ready Challenges School Librarians is from The School Library Journal.


Don’t Forget The Library is by Wendi Pillars.

Quote Of The Day: Junot Díaz On Libraries

Browsing the Stacks: A Photo Appreciation of Libraries is from The Atlantic.


Here is a collection of online learning games about libraries.

Here’s a game called Shelver.

As always, feedback is welcome.  Feel free to offer additional suggestions for this list.

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