As I did last year (see The Best Year-End Collections Of Images — 2008), I’m putting together a “The Best…” list of “year in review photo” collections.

Most of these types of multimedia collections don’t come-out until the last week of December, which makes it too late to use in most classrooms (at least in 2009). So, this year, I’m posting the list a bit early with a few of the initial ones that have come out already, and will add new ones as December progresses. At least now, if teachers want, they can use them before the holiday break begins.

Keeping that in mind, here are my picks for The Best Year-End Collections of Images — 2009:

The Year In Pictures 2009 from TIME Magazine

2009 Pictures Of The Year from LIFE Magazine

The year in pictures 2009 from CCTV

Pictures of The Year 2009 from Reuters

The best photos of 2009 comes from the Sydney Morning Herald.

The Boston Globe’s Big Picture has begun a multi-part series on 2009 In Photos. Here’s the link to Part One; Part Two;Part Three.

The Denver Post has also begun a multi-part series — The Year In Photos 2009. Here’s Part One; Part Two:Part Three;Part Four.

The New York Times has just published an very well-designed feature: 2009 — The Year In Pictures.

“2009 In Photos” is a great collection from the Wall Street Journal.

USA Today has The Year In Pictures.

Feedback is always welcome.

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