The English Blog has already published something similar, but I thought I would add to some of the choices there and create another “The Best…” list here.

I’ve tried to incorporate an international “flavor” to this list.  When school comes back into session, I might consider having my students explore if they find any differences between the photos included from the U.S.-based sites and from the news organizations in other countries.

Jeffrey Hill at The English Blog suggests that students could pick just one image and describe it.  Life Is A Feast offers another idea of having students take their own pictures and create a “Year In My Life” slideshow.  After viewing and discussing the images here, and developing a criteria that they think the news agencies used to decide which pictures made their lists, students could also use The Best Online Sources For Images list and make their own picks for “The Best Pictures Of The Year.”

Here are my picks for The Best Year-End Collections of Images — 2008:

MSNBC (you can vote for the best one here until December 30th)

The San Francisco Chronicle

The Big Picture from The Boston Globe: Part One, Part Two; and Part Three.

The Sacramento Bee

Los Angeles Times

The Denver Post

TIME Magazine


Associated Press

The Associated Press also has a different feature called A Year Of Momentous Events.


International Herald Tribune

Telegraph (United Kingdom)

ABC (Australia)

Agence France Presse

Sydney Morning Herald

The Wall Street Journal

The Current Affairs

UNICEF’s Photos Of The Year

Mail & Guardian (South Africa)

Chicago Tribune



Washington Post


Editor And Publisher

The Times Of London

Parade Magazine

The New York Times

USA Today

Financial Times

Houston Chronicle

Christian Science Monitor

New York Post

New York Daily News

San Jose Mercury News

The Guardian (UK)

Voice Of America

Winners of the World Press Photos 2009, supposedly the best photos taken in the world last year, have been announced. You can see them all in a slideshow put together by the Sydney Morning Herald.

As always, feedback is welcome.

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