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This week is our Spring Break, and as I said in a popular tweet on Friday:

In addition to relaxing, writing and playing basketball, I’ll be doing some planning.

Here’s what is coming up for me professionally during the next eight months:

* We’ll be doing the “post” assessments for the students in our Long-Term English Language Learner support class – and the control group – in May. I’ll be sharing a preliminary report over the summer on this blog, and a much more complete one in the December issue of ASCD’s Educational Leadership’s magazine. There’s a lot of interest across the country in what we find!

* Katie Hull and I will finish editing three books for mainstream teachers of math, social studies, and science modeled on our ELL Teacher’s Toolbox. The manuscripts should be submitted by September 1st, with the books out early next year. I’ll be sharing more about this insane project in a few weeks.

* Katie and I will begin working on a second edition of The ELL/ESL Teacher’s Survival Guide, with close to fifty percent new content. That should be complete by the summer of 2020.

* I’ll continue to work on the fourth book in my student motivation series.

* My class schedule for the next school year looks set: one period of ELL Beginners, one of a combination of Beginners and Intermediates, another of ELL World History, and two periods of IB Theory of Knowledge. In addition, because of school remodeling, many of us will be moving rooms, and I’m one of them….

* I anticipate continuing to blog here and at my Education Week Teacher column, as well as start a new season of my BAM! Radio show (I’ll take the summer off from the radio, though). Look for another animated video I do with Ed Week later in the year!

Things change, of course, but that’s what it looks like for now….