There are a number of free and easy online tools where students can create music (see The Best Online Sites For Creating Music).

I’m sure there are a lot of educational uses for them.  I use them as part of the Language Experience Approach (LEA)  with English Language Learners.  Simply put, LEA means that students do something, and then they can write and talk about what they did.

Many students love to compose music, share it, and then they can write about the process they used to create it.  I also sometimes have them write about what they saw in their minds when they played it, and what they see when they listen to their classmates’ compositions.

Google has three exceptionally easy online music-creating tools:

Blob Opera is probably the most fun.  You can have four….blobs singing opera in various places around the world.  They just updated it today.  Here’s an older video about it:


Then, there is Assisted Melody.

Here’s a video about it:


Finally, there’s AR Synth.

Here’s a video description:


All three let you save and share your creations!