Ten years ago, in another somewhat futile attempt to reduce the backlog of resources I want to share, I began this occasional “Ed Tech Digest” post where I share three or four links I think are particularly useful and related to…ed tech, including some Web 2.0 apps.

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Here are this week’s choices:

Traveled Map lets you annotate a map with images, and it’s free. I’m adding it to The Best Map-Making Sites On The Web.

PickVote seems like a pretty easy way to take a poll.  I’m adding it to The Best Sites For Creating Online Polls & Surveys.

If you use a Kindle, you might find GetWellPut useful to organizing your highlights.

Giggl looks interesting – you can watch movies or surf the net with others, though I’m not sure of all the differences it might have with Zoom.

Powtoon: introducing cartoon videos in the classroom is from the British Council and has some nice student-made examples. I’m adding it to The Best Ways For Students To Create Online Animations.

I’ve previously posted about experiments I’ve done using jigsaw puzzles in class at Jigsaw Puzzles As A Language-Learning Activity. Here’s a new tool to use – IM Puzzle.

How to Record Videos in Canva – New Feature! is from Richard Byrne.

Getting Started With Google Drive and Google Docs – Everything You Need to Know is from Richard Byrne. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning How To Use Google Docs/Google Drive.

This is a useful video about an often-asked question:

YouTube has a new tool that lets you create “Shorts” – supershort videos on your phone. Here’s a video about it: