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A Quasi “The Best” List On TPRS (TPR Storytelling) For Teaching ESL


This is a very different “The Best…” list from the ones I usually post. It’s a “quasi” “The Best…” list.

I’m still trying to figure out how TPRS (TPR Storytelling) actually would work in an ESL classroom, and I’m not being very successful at getting a real understanding of it.

So, instead of an “official” The Best list, I’ve instead created a “stack” at the Delicious website of a few sites I’ve been exploring.

Check them out. And I’d love to hear more from teachers who actually use it in class….

By the way, I am beginning to really like the “stack” feature at Delicious, and am adding that tool to The Best Places To Create (And Find) Internet Scavenger Hunts & Webquests.

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. The best way to find out how TPRS works, is to experience as a student a TPRS-demonstration in a language that you don’t know at all and feel what a beginner feels when acquiring a new language. And feel the difference with how you learned other languages, with ”traditional”methods, compared to TPRS.

    Observing a teacher teaching a TPRS-lesson in the language you’re teaching yourself is also very instructive.

    Of course you can read the TPRS-handbooks from Blaine Ray & Contee Seely (Fluency through TPR Storytelling) and from Ben Slavic (TPRS in a year! & PQA in a wink!), but it’s ”and/and”. Do all! But most important is to experience it at first as a learner in an unknown language!

  2. Wow! I use TPRS in my adult Spanish class and in my adult English class. My students love it!! I’d be happy to send a sample story format and talk more; however, I think a demonstration is the best. I’m a beginner, but I study under Bryce Hedstrom. (See his website for free stuff). I would love to talk him into doing a tape for the web. A good story with 5 verb phrases can take up to one hour to deliver because it is broken with simple questions to the class that are easy for them to answer.

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