The original title for this post was “Voicegram Is A Useful Tool For ELLs.” However, new chatbot creation tools are coming online a-mile-a-minute, and I wanted to put them all together in one place. Voicegram doesn’t quite fit that description, but the other tools listed do. So this is an “imperfect” list.

I’ve been a longtime fan of using chatbots with English Language Learners (see The Best Online “Chatbots” For Practicing English, as well as The Best “When I Say Jump” Online Sites For Practicing English).

I recently began exploring the possibility of having students create their own for their classmates to use. There are some free tools that seem pretty easy to use, like Rebot. And Botsify will also let you create a audio one for Alexa.  And Storyline lets you build and publish Alexa skills without coding is a TechCrunch post about…what its headline describes.

Floatbot lets you create chatbots, including ones you can make for free.

Get On Demand is a new tool for creating chatbots.

Ocobot lets you make one free Chatbot.

Today, TechCrunch posted about Voicegram, a new online tool that will let you easily record an audio conversation you have with a chatbot – Alexa.

It’s super-simple: login with an Amazon account, record, and then it emails you the recording, like this:

It seems to me like it would be great for speaking practice!

I’m adding it to The Best Sites To Practice Speaking English.

Botreach lets you easily create chatbots.

Bot Star lets you create Chatbots.

TalkyJobs is intriguing – you can create one free chatbot that acts like a person interviewing you for a job.

Rebot is a new site that lets you create chatbots for free.

SmartBot is another tool for creating chatbots.

Formito lets you create free chatbots.

You can create a Chat Bot at BotMake.