In, yet again, another weird use of viral advertising, you can make a Vitamin Water Commercial.  Students choose the flavor they want; then decide on the character they want to “sell” it; next write what they want their character to say; and, then, finally, their character will say it using a text-to-speech function.  You can then email the url of your commercial to be posted on a blog or webpage.

In addition to giving English Language Learners the chance to hear what they write, this also is an opportunity for them to begin to learn what “persuade” means.

I’ve gotta’ say, though, that these viral marketing gimmicks are getting stranger and stranger.  It’s difficult for me to imagine why anyone would do this if they weren’t a language learner, but, obviously, people do.

I’ve placed the link on my Examples of Student Work page under Student Vitamin Water Commercials.